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Amministrazione Isole di Brissago
Parco botanico del Canton Ticino
6614 Isole di Brissago - Switzerland
T. + 41 (0)91 791 43 61
Fax + 41 (0)91 791 07 63
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Hotel – Restaurant – Events
Isole di Brissago
CP 563
6614 Brissago - Switzerland
T. + 41 (0)91 791 43 62
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Boat timetable

Summer Timetable (07.04.2019 - 20.10.2019)

Information - Tickets
Season 2019

Individual Tickets
Adults: CHF 8.00
Children (6-16 years): CHF 2.50
Family ticket (2 adults + 2-3 children): CHF 20.00
Mother's day (05.12th) CHF 12.00

Compulsory education schools
Children: CHF 2.50
Teachers: 2 free tickets
Additional teachers: CHF 5.00

min. 10 people
Adults: CHF 7.00
Children (6-16 years): CHF 2.50

Ermässigung auf Eintrittskarte mit TicinoTicket

Information - Guided tour

The guided tour leads you through the garden and makes you discover its hidden treasures, from its history to its interesting “botanical” facts. If you have any special interest or wish, please let us know. The guided tour lasts approx. 1 hour.

A guided Tour can be booked through the official formulary, to be returned once filled up to the administration of the Brissago Islands, within 7 days before the visit. (Request of guided tour: Word - pdf)

If the reservation don’t get to us within the requested times, the booking can’t be guaranteed.

The prices of the visit are the following:

CHF 140.- during the opening ours of the park (9.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m.),
CHF 165.- after 6.00pm.

If the group gets to late we will have to invoice CHF 140.- for each hour delay.

Guided Tour after 4 p.m. are not guaranteed because the island is opened to the public until 6 p.m.

As soon as we receive your reservation we will send you our confirmation witch has to be signed and returned to us at once.

The cancellation of the visit has to be requested as follows:

Without costs 48 hours before the fixed date
50% of the costs 48-24 hours before the established date

Information - Friends of the islands
Saeson 2019

A botanical park with scientific, educational and tourism purposes. Our Botanical Park contributes to enrich and enlarge the entertaining and cultural range of activities for tourists and residents.
Actually, entry tickets partially support overheads.
Give your contribution to the Park activities and become “Friends of the Islands.” The annual card gives you free access to the Park for the whole season.

Supporting member: from CHF 200.00
Boat owner: CHF 150.00
Boatless member: CHF 100.00
Student: CHF 50.00

Scavenger hunt!

What better place than an island for a scavenger hunt? Children (and adults as well, of course, don’t ever forget that you have been children too) can explore the Brissago Islands acting as treasure hunters. An original scavenger hunt created specifically for the Canton Ticino’s Botanical Park. On the footsteps of pirates, walking through mysterious places and surrounded by exotic plants, enjoy this captivating adventure!

At your arrival on the island, ask for the map and follow the clues. Hurry up, adventure is waiting!